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What is networking?

The Importance of Networking

Statistics tell us that 60 percent of all jobs are found through networking. What is networking? Networking is the process of building informal relationships with people for the purpose of obtaining information about job opportunities. Old school job hunters used to call this “putting out the feelers.” And as aforementioned statistics indicate, it's probably the single most essential tool in searching for a job.

Keeping in contact with former co-workers and attending industry trade shows is a good method of building up your network. More recently, social networking websites have also proven to be a mighty tool in allowing people to network with individuals they otherwise would never have had a chance to interact with.

Professional staffing agencies are also an excellent resource. In the course of their daily business, they maintain contact with large numbers of employers. Contacting a job recruiter could open doors of opportunity you may never knew existed.

What are some tips for calling an employer directly?

Calling an Employer Directly

Following up on a job lead by phone can be a tricky venture. But if you're serious about maximizing your potential for landing a job, it's one of the most effective job search techniques to ensure that you remain fresh on your potential employer's mind.

This is not an invitation to call repeatedly. On the contrary, too much contact can make you appear desperate and give reason for an employer to think twice about offering you a job.

Never wing it—keep in mind that a bit of psychological preparation never hurt anyone. Prepare a script of what you want to say, and stick to it. Practice answering questions so you're not caught off guard, and if speaking to a secretary, make a note of their name and use it at least once during the call. Finally, be polite. You might be surprised at how far good phone manners will get you.

How can I market myself online?

Internet Job Boards

Online job boards are extremely successful in helping people find work, but often just applying for a job online is not enough. The explosion of social and professional networking sites has opened up a new field of possibilities for job candidates.

There are many high profile job boards to choose from, but by far the most effective are those that allow you to post your resume online in order to be viewed by employers and talent recruiters. Most sites offer expanded access and promise greater visibility for your resume for a fee, but there are also other options that can be explored.

Creating your own website can be incredibly effective, as can blogging. Bloggers can utilize a variety of social networking sites to gain a level of exposure unimagined by previous generations of job hunters. This type of internet savvy is also seen as a bonus by employers looking to hire individuals with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Are classified ads still an effective method of finding work?

Classified Ads: A Time Honored Tradition

Classified ads are one of a few time-honored job search resources still employed by individuals looking for work. Even in the modern era of job posting websites, this tried and true method still proves a valuable resource.

Classified ads generally carry two types of job listings: open announcements, and blind ads. Open announcements provide the employer's name, a brief job description, and instructions on how to apply. Blind ads are curiously devoid of details, offering only a brief job description and a P.O. box where interested parties can write to learn more. Unless you know the source, you'd do well to avoid these ads, as frequently they're used to add your name to sales agency rosters.

Timing is everything when responding to classified ads. Unless you can answer an ad the moment it's published, waiting until the last minute can better the chances of your application winding up on the top of the stack.

Do staffing agencies offer permanent job opportunities?

Professional Staffing Agencies

Professional staffing agencies sometimes get a bad rap for providing only temporary employment to those searching for jobs of a more permanent nature. But many of these agencies enjoy great success in placing individuals into positions of permanent employment.

Corporations frequently use staffing agencies as their preferred method of recruiting talent. This allows a corporation to place its focus on business matters rather than expending valuable resources into screening job applicants. It also allows them the opportunity to “test drive” a prospective employee prior to offering full-time, permanent work. Most temporary job assignments eventually lead to permanent employment.

In addition, staffing agencies allow workers to find jobs that fit their schedules. One of the positive benefits of contract work is having a range of flexibility not frequently offered by salaried positions. For job seekers with life circumstances that don't allow for the rigidity of the standard nine-to-five, staffing agencies are their lifeline to employment.

What’s the best way to prepare for a job search?

The First Step: Assess Your Strengths

One of the most important first steps in conducting a job search is to perform an assessment of the type of job you're best suited for. This will be integral to your success. Having a game plan is vital.

Make a list of your strengths and talents. Whether you're fresh out of high school or a recent college graduate, it's imperative to perform a bit of self analysis. Matching your abilities to a list of potential fields gives you the power to concentrate your efforts.

Research growing industries. It's smart to have an understanding of the employment potential of certain fields before diving headlong into a career search.. For example if you read that the auto industry is in serious decline, it would make little sense to pursue a job with an automobile factory.

If you have difficulty going about this task, make an appointment with a professional staffing agency to discuss your potential employment opportunities.

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