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What are some non-clinical occupations in healthcare?

Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs

In 2008, amidst an economic climate that wreaked havoc among other industries and brought into question the economic health of the nation as a whole, the healthcare industry grew by nearly 375,000 jobs. A good number of those jobs were in non-clinical positions, and showed that there are plenty of healthcare job opportunities for workers with a variety of non-medical skills and backgrounds.

Healthcare providers are constantly looking for talented, driven individuals to work in a variety of positions ranging from Human Resources to finance, to entry-level call center jobs providing customer support. People with managerial and accounting experience will become increasingly valued as the workforce grows and inevitable changes to the healthcare system result in more complex billing.

It's projected within the next year that 33 percent of all healthcare organizations will be turning to contract employees to provide various services. This news bodes well for job seekers employed by professional recruiting agencies.

What are the best paying jobs in healthcare?

The Best Paying Healthcare Jobs for Non-Doctors

The fact that most of the best paying jobs in America are found in the healthcare industry is heartening, especially to those whose chosen career pursuit comes not from a desire to make a financial killing, but the desire to make a difference in people's lives. Within the healthcare industry there are a number of well-paying healthcare career options that don't require the kind of extensive medical education required of doctors.

Of the highest paid jobs in this category, registered nurses rank the highest with an average hourly pay nearing $32. Following RN's, licensed vocational nurses (LPN's) earn an average hourly wage of $17.50. Dental assistants and medical secretaries follow suit, bringing in an average hourly pay of $14.50 and $13.50, respectively.

Hospitals, doctors' offices and other healthcare organizations regularly select employees in these fields from pools of applicants provided to them by professional staffing agencies and recruiters.

What is the job outlook for careers in healthcare?

Careers in Healthcare: A Job Forecast

Despite recent economic downturns and questions about the future of healthcare in the United States, career opportunities in healthcare are expected to continue to grow, and will account for nearly one out of every five new jobs in the next ten years.

Some of that is attributed to the fact that as people live longer, their dependency on medicine and medical procedures will increase. But it's also known that as advances in technology are made, their complex nature will require the addition of qualified individuals to carry out their functions. Additionally, the surge in popularity of “green living” will likely result in the creation of many new jobs to focus on the environmental efficiency of healthcare corporations.

Many healthcare employers contract professional staffing agencies to fill positions as they're made available. As the need for qualified healthcare workers continues to rise, so will the role of recruiters in pairing healthcare organizations with qualified candidates.

What are the hottest jobs in healthcare?

The Hottest Jobs in Healthcare

Possibly the best news for anyone looking for a career in healthcare is that having an M.D. isn't a prerequisite for landing a hot job. The fact is, the healthcare industry is so diverse that it requires people of all skills and education levels.

Two hot healthcare careers to consider are:

  • Nurses. The long-standing backbone of healthcare, nurses are the highly respected yet frequently unsung heroes in the war against bad health. With more sophisticated procedures now taking place in doctors' offices and outpatient clinics, demand for nurses is expected to increase in these areas as it lowers slightly in traditional venues such as hospitals.
  • Medical assistants. As the increase for nurses rises, so will the demand for the people who help them by performing most of the background work and keeping operations running smoothly.
Professional recruiters help nurses and medical assistants find gainful employment by working with healthcare organizations to keep positions filled.

What is a medical illustrator and how much money do they earn?

Where Medicine Meets Art: The Job of the Medical Illustrator

One of the lesser-known careers in healthcare is that of the medical illustrator, an occupation that's unique in combining artistic ability, knowledge of the human anatomy and an intrinsic understanding of complex medical and surgical procedures. Medical illustrators nowadays utilize graphic design software to create visual representations of the human anatomy for use in textbooks, training materials, informational pamphlets, medical exhibits and even courtroom proceedings. Earning potential ranges widely depending on the level of education. A medical illustrator can earn anywhere from $33,000 - $60,000.

Despite the fact that the field is extremely small and competition is high, future employment opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing this highly specialized, detail-oriented career continue to grow. The potential difficulty in finding employment is countered by the existence of professional recruiting firms whose main focus is in the placement of qualified medical professionals, from entry level to specific areas of expertise.

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