Where Medicine Meets Art: The Job of the Medical Illustrator

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What is a medical illustrator and how much money do they earn?

Where Medicine Meets Art: The Job of the Medical Illustrator

One of the lesser-known careers in healthcare is that of the medical illustrator, an occupation that's unique in combining artistic ability, knowledge of the human anatomy and an intrinsic understanding of complex medical and surgical procedures. Medical illustrators nowadays utilize graphic design software to create visual representations of the human anatomy for use in textbooks, training materials, informational pamphlets, medical exhibits and even courtroom proceedings. Earning potential ranges widely depending on the level of education. A medical illustrator can earn anywhere from $33,000 - $60,000.

Despite the fact that the field is extremely small and competition is high, future employment opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing this highly specialized, detail-oriented career continue to grow. The potential difficulty in finding employment is countered by the existence of professional recruiting firms whose main focus is in the placement of qualified medical professionals, from entry level to specific areas of expertise.



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