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When does the recruiting agency’s involvement end?

Post Placement Follow-up

The involvement of a professional recruiting firm should not end with the hiring of any mid- or senior-level job candidate. One of the reasons businesses have such strong relationships with the recruiting firms they employ is that firm's unwavering commitment.

The culture of offering assistance beyond the scope of job placement is one that's helped to set a number of professional recruiting firms apart from the rest. Where many less dedicated firms would simply close the book and move on to the next client, the highest caliber of recruiters remain to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.

Once a final job offer is accepted, recruiting firms will extend their involvement to assist the newly-hired individual in various aspects of transition, including any steps that must be taken to resign their position from their current employer. Post-assignment contact is also maintained between client and candidate to assure the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

How do professional recruiters help maximize the quality of applicants?

Sourcing Candidates from Afar

The larger a professional recruiting agency is, and the more widespread their footprint on the topography of the industry, the more successful they are in sourcing talent that might otherwise be out of reach for most companies.

Having locations scattered throughout the globe allows recruiters to dip into the deep and resourceful workforce of nations. A company located in Palo Alto seeking to find the most highly qualified senior level officer for its operations might have access to the whole of Silicon Valley from which to pool its source of candidates, but the same company working with an international recruiting firm multiplies its chances of finding the best person for the job by having the capacity to extend its reach across international barriers.

Having a strong internet presence and using the latest technologies in social networking and online executive job boards allows a professional recruiting firm to bring their clients the best of the best potential candidates.

How closely do recruiting agencies work with their clients?

Increased Mobility

Professional recruiting agencies are not only capable of spanning the globe with their extensive network of international offices, but they're also extremely mobile. One of the signs of a recruiting agency truly worthy of a corporation's business is their ability and willingness to come directly to the client rather than making the client come to them.

Recruiters enjoy the opportunity to work closely with their clients to determine their needs by researching staffing needs against operational budgets, and helping businesses come to decisions about the need to fill executive level jobs. This intimate involvement requires a recruiter to be given access to proprietary company information—one of the main reasons recruiting agencies maintain strict confidentiality agreements with their clients.

This close working relationship calls for a high level of mobility and flexibility that allows recruiters to work both on-site with their clients, and off-site with a select pool of potential candidates.

Do recruitment firms know what to look for in job candidates?

Recruitment Expertise

Recruiting agencies are successful in the scouting out and the reeling in of high quality mid- and senior-level professionals because of their dedicated understanding of the clients they represent.

Whereas the job of staffing agencies in sourcing lower-level employees is carried out using broad, generalized skill requirements, the process of filling high level executive jobs is far more complex.

Recruiting agencies are made up of industry experts who have a strong knowledge of the mechanics of business, and a keen understanding of the complex factors that will lead to their client's ultimate success. Recruiters are experts in identifying necessary characteristics and skill traits, and pairing those individuals with positions of matching requirements.

More than the term “headhunter” implies, recruiters work closely with their clients to identify the skills and qualifications needed of high level executive positions. They employ their expertise in helping their clients make decisions about everything from required experience to suggested pay.

Do recruiters participate in the interview process between their client and senior level candidates?

Your One-Stop Interview Service

Companies are always seeking new talent, and the search for mid- and senior-level professionals is a proposition that many go about with tenuous steps, understanding the fact that hiring the wrong person could cause serious damage to a company's reputation and credibility, both internally and externally.

Once a qualified list of candidates has been assembled, companies may find themselves with limited resources to carry out the task of interviewing the pool of applicants—not all businesses enjoy the luxury of a full-time Human Resources department to care for this.

Third-party recruiters not only scout out world class talent, but they also have the capacity and expertise to coordinate, facilitate and participate in interviews between their client and the job candidate. Frequently, they offer valuable feedback to their clients with regard to considerations that could impact the final decision on whether or not a candidate should be offered a job.

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