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Do recruiters participate in the interview process between their client and senior level candidates?

Your One-Stop Interview Service

Companies are always seeking new talent, and the search for mid- and senior-level professionals is a proposition that many go about with tenuous steps, understanding the fact that hiring the wrong person could cause serious damage to a company's reputation and credibility, both internally and externally.

Once a qualified list of candidates has been assembled, companies may find themselves with limited resources to carry out the task of interviewing the pool of applicants—not all businesses enjoy the luxury of a full-time Human Resources department to care for this.

Third-party recruiters not only scout out world class talent, but they also have the capacity and expertise to coordinate, facilitate and participate in interviews between their client and the job candidate. Frequently, they offer valuable feedback to their clients with regard to considerations that could impact the final decision on whether or not a candidate should be offered a job.



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