Post Placement Follow-up

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When does the recruiting agency’s involvement end?

Post Placement Follow-up

The involvement of a professional recruiting firm should not end with the hiring of any mid- or senior-level job candidate. One of the reasons businesses have such strong relationships with the recruiting firms they employ is that firm's unwavering commitment.

The culture of offering assistance beyond the scope of job placement is one that's helped to set a number of professional recruiting firms apart from the rest. Where many less dedicated firms would simply close the book and move on to the next client, the highest caliber of recruiters remain to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.

Once a final job offer is accepted, recruiting firms will extend their involvement to assist the newly-hired individual in various aspects of transition, including any steps that must be taken to resign their position from their current employer. Post-assignment contact is also maintained between client and candidate to assure the mutual satisfaction of both parties.



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