Increased Mobility

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How closely do recruiting agencies work with their clients?

Increased Mobility

Professional recruiting agencies are not only capable of spanning the globe with their extensive network of international offices, but they're also extremely mobile. One of the signs of a recruiting agency truly worthy of a corporation's business is their ability and willingness to come directly to the client rather than making the client come to them.

Recruiters enjoy the opportunity to work closely with their clients to determine their needs by researching staffing needs against operational budgets, and helping businesses come to decisions about the need to fill executive level jobs. This intimate involvement requires a recruiter to be given access to proprietary company information—one of the main reasons recruiting agencies maintain strict confidentiality agreements with their clients.

This close working relationship calls for a high level of mobility and flexibility that allows recruiters to work both on-site with their clients, and off-site with a select pool of potential candidates.



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