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What are the future trends in accounting?

Future Trends in Accounting

The news is good for those seeking careers in accounting. It's projected that by 2016 there will be 16 percent increase in job openings, both as a result of increased legal complexities, and as added safeguards against the kind of scandals that have plagued the economy throughout the past several years.

One of the most rapidly approaching trends is the growing demand by CPA firms for temporary assignment accountants. The upswing of this trend is that more firms will continue to be partnering with professional staffing agencies to fill positions during seasonal business cycles. This provides ample opportunity for more inexperienced accountants to cut their teeth working for firms that will pay not only in currency but in valuable job experience. With the demand for industry experience growing in correlation to the lowering demand for college graduates, professional recruiters will continue to play a large part in matching candidates with employers.

What are the potential career paths for accountants?

Career Paths for Accountants

Accounting career paths can send an individual in many different directions, and to many different destinations—not the least of which is the opportunity for self-employment as a CPA. But the majority of newly graduated accountants are hired into public accounting firms with the assistance of professional staffing agencies.

Public accounting firms are one of the largest employers of accountants in the world, and offer the highest pay. These companies typically work closely with recruiters to bring in attractive prospects.

Corporations both large and small employ teams of accountants relative to the company's size. One of the great benefits comes in the opportunity for advancement within the corporation.

Accountants employed by the government face a mixed bag of possibilities. On the one hand, government accounting posts tend to pay less than those in the private sector but as a result of their employer's assured standing, offer the kind of security not typically found elsewhere.

What does a forensic accountant do?

Forensic Accounting

A career in accounting can offer a wide variety of job duties, functions, and areas of special concentration. The mental image of the proverbial “bean counter” sequestered in a dark corner of a gloomy office is a stereotype that's so far removed from reality, it begins to lose its humor with each closer look at the many career options accountants face today.

One of the most colorful-sounding areas of specialty is known as forensic accounting—a type of accounting that has to do with crime scenes of a different sort. Forensic accountants specialize in investigating fraud, insurance claims, and money laundering. Perhaps not so rich in material appropriate for network programming, this line of work is reserved especially for individuals who possess sharp investigative skills and acute auditing sensibilities. Contract recruiters are an excellent point of contact for qualified individuals who wish to delve further into this fascinating line of work.

How much money does a hedge fund manager earn?

The Monetary Prospects of Being a Hedge Fund Manager

Finance career paths have the potential to range from the ordinary to the extraordinary, striking just about every pay grade level in between. One of the most profitable jobs in the world of finance is that of the hedge fund manager. Not designed for the faint of nerve, the job of the hedge fund manager can be a physically draining, emotionally taxing, and monetarily rewarding venture. Stories of 20-something hedge fund managers earning millions of dollars a year are not uncommon.

As in any business, this level of monetary earning is dependent on the individual's skills—the life of a high-level performer is one lived with extreme drive and intense competition. Fortunately for many, the field still provides ample opportunity for earnings at a much higher level than other finance occupations. Connecting with a recruiter is the best way for qualified applicants to find work in this highly lucrative field.

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