Forensic Accounting

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What does a forensic accountant do?

Forensic Accounting

A career in accounting can offer a wide variety of job duties, functions, and areas of special concentration. The mental image of the proverbial “bean counter” sequestered in a dark corner of a gloomy office is a stereotype that's so far removed from reality, it begins to lose its humor with each closer look at the many career options accountants face today.

One of the most colorful-sounding areas of specialty is known as forensic accounting—a type of accounting that has to do with crime scenes of a different sort. Forensic accountants specialize in investigating fraud, insurance claims, and money laundering. Perhaps not so rich in material appropriate for network programming, this line of work is reserved especially for individuals who possess sharp investigative skills and acute auditing sensibilities. Contract recruiters are an excellent point of contact for qualified individuals who wish to delve further into this fascinating line of work.



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