Career Paths for Accountants

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What are the potential career paths for accountants?

Career Paths for Accountants

Accounting career paths can send an individual in many different directions, and to many different destinations—not the least of which is the opportunity for self-employment as a CPA. But the majority of newly graduated accountants are hired into public accounting firms with the assistance of professional staffing agencies.

Public accounting firms are one of the largest employers of accountants in the world, and offer the highest pay. These companies typically work closely with recruiters to bring in attractive prospects.

Corporations both large and small employ teams of accountants relative to the company's size. One of the great benefits comes in the opportunity for advancement within the corporation.

Accountants employed by the government face a mixed bag of possibilities. On the one hand, government accounting posts tend to pay less than those in the private sector but as a result of their employer's assured standing, offer the kind of security not typically found elsewhere.



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