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Does using a staffing agency make a business a co-employer?

Co-Employment Concerns

We live in a litigious society. As unfortunate a reality as that is, it's a reality nonetheless, and in order for businesses to move ahead it's a fact of life that should be accepted. Mitigating risk is essential to every company's survival, and it's with this survival instinct that many tend to view working with employment staffing services as risky ventures, in particular with respect to the issue of co-employment.

Co-employment is a hot-button issue that needlessly elevates the concern of many who feel that simply acquiring temporary employees will open them up to lawsuits. But it's only in situations where an employee's rights have been violated that a lawsuit has the ability to affect a company. Working with a noteworthy and respectable staffing agency eliminates this risk.

Additionally, up until the permanent hiring or dismissal of an employee, staffing agencies retain the sole employer status of their workforce, both legally and in a supervisory capacity.

Do staffing agencies conduct performance reviews of their employees?

Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews are conducted at varying intervals, dependent on the type of work and the frequency with which it's performed. In order to ensure quality in an employee's productive output, an employee is graded for their performance and the basis for their continued employment is judged by certain criteria.

Professional staffing firms, working hand in hand with on site management and quality teams, conduct performance reviews on behalf of their clients and reduce the expenditures associated with these time consuming practices.

The amount of time and energy a company saves by not having to directly carry out these routine functions is yet another benefit of utilizing a professional staffing agency. Since the staffing agency retains employer status over their pool of assigned workers, they have the power to offer wage increases to individuals who demonstrate proficiencies in certain areas, as well as removing others who don't perform to required standards.

How can using a staffing agency further eliminate cost?

Eliminate Lost Productivity and HR Costs

Partnering with a professional staffing firm offers a broad range of benefits to companies, not the least of which is having access to a large pool of pre-qualified applicants to fill positions as they become available.

The ability to have a worker arrive on-site and ready to assume their work responsibilities within days of determining their need can potentially save a company thousands of dollars in revenue due to lost productivity.

The need to employ a human resources department whose sole responsibility is to recruit and interview potential job candidates is also saved with the use of a professional staffing agency. This greatly impacts an employer's payroll, because they're no longer required to employ a full-time staff to handle this responsibility. In addition, a company stands to save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent placing ads for job openings and the equal number of man-hours required to conduct interviews.

How can using a staffing agency improve employee morale?

Bring Help to Your Overburdened Workforce

Even to the layman, the value of morale in the workplace is a well understood principle. It's one of the most fundamental needs of every employee, often coming in ahead of pay and benefits in the grand top ten list of reasons why people leave their jobs. To a business, employee morale is the very lifeblood that keeps it alive. Without motivated employees, production comes to a grinding halt.

Businesses that are understaffed run the risk of disaster if their employees are overworked. Some businesses attempt to galvanize their employee base with rallying cries of pulling together during difficult times and all-for-one rhetoric. But the bottom line is, asking workers to do more with less is asking too much.

Companies that can't afford to increase their permanent workforce frequently turn to professional staffing agencies for temporary relief during times of increased workload. This results in improved quality and substantially decreased turnover among the ranks of the permanent employees.

Do staffing agencies offer benefits to their employees?

Save on Benefits and Overtime

One of the biggest costs that a company can incur beyond its standard payroll are medical benefits and overtime pay. In the workforce today, benefits can cost a company anywhere from twenty to twenty-five percent over standard payroll, and overtime pay makes a similar impact.

These costs are eliminated by partnering with a professional staffing agency, allowing for businesses to further cut spending. As the legal, rightful employers of the temporary worker pool, staffing agencies pay the differential amount owed to workers who put in overtime work, in addition to the cost of benefits.

Not all staffing agencies provide benefits to their workers, but as the demand for accessible healthcare continues to rise in the midst of national debate, more and more are offering it as an incentive to attract highly qualified individuals recently displaced from permanent employment, in addition to those whose preference it is to work on a pro tem basis.

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