Save on Benefits and Overtime

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Do staffing agencies offer benefits to their employees?

Save on Benefits and Overtime

One of the biggest costs that a company can incur beyond its standard payroll are medical benefits and overtime pay. In the workforce today, benefits can cost a company anywhere from twenty to twenty-five percent over standard payroll, and overtime pay makes a similar impact.

These costs are eliminated by partnering with a professional staffing agency, allowing for businesses to further cut spending. As the legal, rightful employers of the temporary worker pool, staffing agencies pay the differential amount owed to workers who put in overtime work, in addition to the cost of benefits.

Not all staffing agencies provide benefits to their workers, but as the demand for accessible healthcare continues to rise in the midst of national debate, more and more are offering it as an incentive to attract highly qualified individuals recently displaced from permanent employment, in addition to those whose preference it is to work on a pro tem basis.



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