Co-Employment Concerns

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Does using a staffing agency make a business a co-employer?

Co-Employment Concerns

We live in a litigious society. As unfortunate a reality as that is, it's a reality nonetheless, and in order for businesses to move ahead it's a fact of life that should be accepted. Mitigating risk is essential to every company's survival, and it's with this survival instinct that many tend to view working with employment staffing services as risky ventures, in particular with respect to the issue of co-employment.

Co-employment is a hot-button issue that needlessly elevates the concern of many who feel that simply acquiring temporary employees will open them up to lawsuits. But it's only in situations where an employee's rights have been violated that a lawsuit has the ability to affect a company. Working with a noteworthy and respectable staffing agency eliminates this risk.

Additionally, up until the permanent hiring or dismissal of an employee, staffing agencies retain the sole employer status of their workforce, both legally and in a supervisory capacity.



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