Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs

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What are some non-clinical occupations in healthcare?

Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs

In 2008, amidst an economic climate that wreaked havoc among other industries and brought into question the economic health of the nation as a whole, the healthcare industry grew by nearly 375,000 jobs. A good number of those jobs were in non-clinical positions, and showed that there are plenty of healthcare job opportunities for workers with a variety of non-medical skills and backgrounds.

Healthcare providers are constantly looking for talented, driven individuals to work in a variety of positions ranging from Human Resources to finance, to entry-level call center jobs providing customer support. People with managerial and accounting experience will become increasingly valued as the workforce grows and inevitable changes to the healthcare system result in more complex billing.

It's projected within the next year that 33 percent of all healthcare organizations will be turning to contract employees to provide various services. This news bodes well for job seekers employed by professional recruiting agencies.



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