Careers in Healthcare: A Job Forecast

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What is the job outlook for careers in healthcare?

Careers in Healthcare: A Job Forecast

Despite recent economic downturns and questions about the future of healthcare in the United States, career opportunities in healthcare are expected to continue to grow, and will account for nearly one out of every five new jobs in the next ten years.

Some of that is attributed to the fact that as people live longer, their dependency on medicine and medical procedures will increase. But it's also known that as advances in technology are made, their complex nature will require the addition of qualified individuals to carry out their functions. Additionally, the surge in popularity of “green living” will likely result in the creation of many new jobs to focus on the environmental efficiency of healthcare corporations.

Many healthcare employers contract professional staffing agencies to fill positions as they're made available. As the need for qualified healthcare workers continues to rise, so will the role of recruiters in pairing healthcare organizations with qualified candidates.



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