Internet Job Boards

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How can I market myself online?

Internet Job Boards

Online job boards are extremely successful in helping people find work, but often just applying for a job online is not enough. The explosion of social and professional networking sites has opened up a new field of possibilities for job candidates.

There are many high profile job boards to choose from, but by far the most effective are those that allow you to post your resume online in order to be viewed by employers and talent recruiters. Most sites offer expanded access and promise greater visibility for your resume for a fee, but there are also other options that can be explored.

Creating your own website can be incredibly effective, as can blogging. Bloggers can utilize a variety of social networking sites to gain a level of exposure unimagined by previous generations of job hunters. This type of internet savvy is also seen as a bonus by employers looking to hire individuals with new ideas and fresh perspectives.



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