Calling an Employer Directly

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What are some tips for calling an employer directly?

Calling an Employer Directly

Following up on a job lead by phone can be a tricky venture. But if you're serious about maximizing your potential for landing a job, it's one of the most effective job search techniques to ensure that you remain fresh on your potential employer's mind.

This is not an invitation to call repeatedly. On the contrary, too much contact can make you appear desperate and give reason for an employer to think twice about offering you a job.

Never wing it—keep in mind that a bit of psychological preparation never hurt anyone. Prepare a script of what you want to say, and stick to it. Practice answering questions so you're not caught off guard, and if speaking to a secretary, make a note of their name and use it at least once during the call. Finally, be polite. You might be surprised at how far good phone manners will get you.



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