The Importance of Networking

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What is networking?

The Importance of Networking

Statistics tell us that 60 percent of all jobs are found through networking. What is networking? Networking is the process of building informal relationships with people for the purpose of obtaining information about job opportunities. Old school job hunters used to call this “putting out the feelers.” And as aforementioned statistics indicate, it's probably the single most essential tool in searching for a job.

Keeping in contact with former co-workers and attending industry trade shows is a good method of building up your network. More recently, social networking websites have also proven to be a mighty tool in allowing people to network with individuals they otherwise would never have had a chance to interact with.

Professional staffing agencies are also an excellent resource. In the course of their daily business, they maintain contact with large numbers of employers. Contacting a job recruiter could open doors of opportunity you may never knew existed.



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