Classified Ads: A Time Honored Tradition

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Are classified ads still an effective method of finding work?

Classified Ads: A Time Honored Tradition

Classified ads are one of a few time-honored job search resources still employed by individuals looking for work. Even in the modern era of job posting websites, this tried and true method still proves a valuable resource.

Classified ads generally carry two types of job listings: open announcements, and blind ads. Open announcements provide the employer's name, a brief job description, and instructions on how to apply. Blind ads are curiously devoid of details, offering only a brief job description and a P.O. box where interested parties can write to learn more. Unless you know the source, you'd do well to avoid these ads, as frequently they're used to add your name to sales agency rosters.

Timing is everything when responding to classified ads. Unless you can answer an ad the moment it's published, waiting until the last minute can better the chances of your application winding up on the top of the stack.



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