Professional Staffing Agencies

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Do staffing agencies offer permanent job opportunities?

Professional Staffing Agencies

Professional staffing agencies sometimes get a bad rap for providing only temporary employment to those searching for jobs of a more permanent nature. But many of these agencies enjoy great success in placing individuals into positions of permanent employment.

Corporations frequently use staffing agencies as their preferred method of recruiting talent. This allows a corporation to place its focus on business matters rather than expending valuable resources into screening job applicants. It also allows them the opportunity to “test drive” a prospective employee prior to offering full-time, permanent work. Most temporary job assignments eventually lead to permanent employment.

In addition, staffing agencies allow workers to find jobs that fit their schedules. One of the positive benefits of contract work is having a range of flexibility not frequently offered by salaried positions. For job seekers with life circumstances that don't allow for the rigidity of the standard nine-to-five, staffing agencies are their lifeline to employment.



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