Questions to Ask a Recruiter

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What questions should I ask a recruiter?

Questions to Ask a Recruiter

Sometimes knowing what to ask a recruiter can make all the difference in deciding whether or not to work with them. The importance of selecting an experienced, dedicated individual versus someone who approaches the job with a salesman approach is immeasurable.

When talking to a recruiter for the first time, always ask for references. If the recruiter is able to talk the talk, they likewise should be able to walk the walk by providing names of previous companies they've worked with—and glowing references, if the talk is inordinately large.

Ask the recruiter how many jobs they fill per month. Between four and five positions a month is standard. At higher levels such as management, one or two per month indicates a high, yet believable, rate of placement. If their answer is unbelievably high, or modestly low, it should be taken as a sign of big talk or poor performance. In either case, find a different recruiter.



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