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What's the best resume format?


When it comes to your resume, how you present your accomplishments can often eclipse your actual accomplishments.

One of the basic, fundamental tips on writing a resume is to pay careful attention to format. Grammatical errors are a no-brainer; if an employer reads your resume and finds exclamation marks where there should be periods, or "too's" where there ought to be "two's," you're more likely to get a laugh than an interview. If your spelling prowess leaves a lot to be desired, have someone proofread it for you. And always remember, spell check is only good for catching spelling errors, not the improper use of words like there, their and they're.

Stay away from fancy, colored paper and graphic backgrounds--your resume shouldn't be challenging to the eyes. Pay attention to typography. Font size should never be smaller than eleven, and only conservative styles like Arial and Times should be used.



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