Making Up for Lost Time

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How do I explain my absence from the workforce to a potential employer?

Making Up for Lost Time

Sometimes it's necessary to explain to an employer the reasons that have kept you away from work, especially if you're below retirement age—doing so can assure them they're not considering a fickle employee.

Whether you're returning to work after taking time off to go back to school, because you found retirement too dull or because you just spent the last eighteen years raising a family, be candid. All of these examples are perfectly acceptable reasons to have gaps in your employment history.

If the reasons for your unemployment are not as easily explainable, give thought as to how best to make your experience sound positive. Knowing when to be completely honest and when to turn an individual's focus is one of the great interview success tips not easily taught. If you simply needed time off to regroup and assess your career options, address this, but follow it up by indicating that you're ready to get back to work.



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