Hot Jobs in IT: The Business Continuity Manager

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What does a Business Continuity Manager do?

Hot Jobs in IT: The Business Continuity Manager

The Business Continuity Manager plays a key role in a company's survival by ensuring there are plans in place to keep the company operating “business as usual” in the event of unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, computer hacker attacks, terrorist attacks and probably the most common event—grave human error.

Due to the increased risk of such events in the modern world, Business Continuity Managers hold one of the fastest growing and highly in-demand IT jobs. The job encompasses many aspects not only related to computers, but also includes the facilities in which these computer databases are housed, and personnel with access to the information. Increased regulations in light of recent public scandals involving theft of consumer credit card information, coupled with the growing threat of cyber-terrorism, require businesses to employ capable individuals to carry out this vital task. The average salary for Business Continuity Managers is $75,000 to $125,000.



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