Show Me the Money: How Much Can Accountants Earn?

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How much money can an accountant earn?

Show Me the Money: How Much Can Accountants Earn?

The widespread availability of finance and accounting jobs for qualified applicants would lead some to expect the average earnings to be low—but in reality, accountants are some of the best paid professionals today. In a limping economy where dire predictions share the stage with forecasts of doom, this is welcome news. College graduates just entering the job market earn on an average between $50,000 and $70,000 their first year. Junior staff accountants with one to two years' experience can fetch upwards of $80,000.

As expected, private sector jobs pay substantially more than government jobs, yet still many job hunters seek out government positions due to the perceived level of greater job security. Seeking employment in this ever-expanding field can be intimidating, often for a lack of knowing where to start—but utilizing the resources of a professional recruiter can match you with the job that's right for you.



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