How do I get a job in Minor League Baseball?

Minor League Baseball Careers

Working in Minor League Baseball offers numerous opportunities in various capacities. From the avid fan who dreams of calling play-by-play to the human resources professional looking for a unique and challenging setting, Minor League Baseball employs people with diverse backgrounds and goals.

The 30 Major League Baseball teams each have an average of six Minor League affiliates to whom they provide players. However, all of the other positions tend to be employed by a separate entity. Some Minor League teams are owned by their big league club, but operate independently of the Major League team.

Small market and lower level teams -- including short season and many single-A clubs -- feature bare-bones full-time staffs. As few as three employees may handle every aspect of a club, from sponsorship and ticket sales to community outreach and game broadcasts. Part time employees make up the bulk of these teams' workers, from game day ushers and concession workers to bat boys and stadium maintenance.

Larger market and teams in double- and triple-A tend to have larger staffs who concentrate on specific aspects of the business. Ticket operations employees focus on season and group ticket sales, while those in community and media relations may have no sales responsibilities at all.

Many positions in Minor League Baseball -- most often the broadcast and sales positions -- serve as stepping stones to positions with a Major League club. However, many people spend their entire careers working for one or more Minor League team.

The biggest opportunity for getting a foot in the Minor League Baseball door is at the annual Baseball Winter Meetings, held in early December in a different location each year. Professional Baseball Employment Opportunities, or PBEO®, is Minor League Baseball's official employment service and can be contacted at

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How do I get a job in Minor League Baseball?

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