Working in Major League Baseball

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How do I get a job in Major League Baseball?

Working in Major League Baseball

It isn't just players who dream of being Major Leaguers. Working for the front office of a Major League team is a goal of many, but the path to that career can be daunting.

There are, however, several ways to go about getting a job with a Major League Baseball club. These teams employ all types of workers, not just those interested in the sport. From human resources and accountants to sales people and entertainment managers, expertise is needed in almost all areas of business.

Getting a job with a club may be as simple as sending in a resume at just the right time. However, with only 30 of these employers throughout the U.S., the demand for these jobs far outweighs the number of positions available. Knowing the best way to get noticed is essential.

Internships are a great way to start in the business. Colleges within a team's market may have a relationship with the human resources department for internship opportunities. Most of these positions begin in January. Send a resume to both the HR department and the head of the department you are interested in working with -- marketing, sales, media relations, etc. -- in November.

Working for a Minor League team is another way to make contacts with Major League club employees. Check the teams' websites for any positions that open up throughout the year. Most teams use Teamwork Online for posting jobs and submitting resumes. Volunteer for special events, including charitable projects put on by the team's community relations department. Consider part-time work that could lead to a full time opportunity.



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