Test Drive Your Employees

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How can a staffing agency help to improve the quality of a company’s employee base?

Test Drive Your Employees

An increasing number of companies are using professional recruiting services to find talent. One of the most popular reasons for this practice is the ability to “test drive” employees prior to offering them permanent work.

Hiring the wrong person can be disastrous and can have wide-reaching negative effects that can not only impact revenue by way of lost time and productivity, but can also have a dramatic effect on employee morale. In worst case scenarios, bad hiring decisions have left companies open to lawsuits—not only from the employee in question, but from others that may have been adversely affected by that individual's actions.

Stringent background checks, drug screenings and follow-up with an individual's previous employers and list of references are often effective in weeding out those undesirables that would potentially develop into nightmare employees--but as every employer can attest, sometimes the bad ones slip through. Using professional staffing helps to eliminate this worry.



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