Save on Training

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Do staffing agencies offer training to their employees?

Save on Training

The cost associated with employing a staff of highly qualified (and in many cases, college educated) trainers can be astronomical, but for companies that have no other option, the alternative is to risk productivity and damage to reputation caused by an inexperienced workforce. Unless, of course, that company has partnered with a professional staffing agency to meet its needs.

Apart from simply matching employees with employers, some high end staffing agencies go a step further by providing training to their labor pool. Healthcare professional staffing services, for example, draw from a pool of experienced job seekers, but also provide the opportunity for individuals to refresh their skills.

Staffing agencies perform interviews and skill assessments of job candidates in order to best match them with employers looking for individuals with specific experience and abilities. Working with a staffing agency assures an employer's access to a well-trained, capable pool of employees.



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