Candidate: Where Can I Find a Recruiter?

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Where can I find a recruiter?

Candidate: Where Can I Find a Recruiter?

Job hunters seeking resources on how to find a job recruiter should keep in mind the fact that professional recruiters are employed by the company they represent, and ultimately have that company's best interests and bottom line in mind when it comes to placing only the most qualified people in positions of employment.

This isn't to say that a job recruiter makes it a practice to treat job candidates poorly—quite the contrary. A job candidate is a recruiter's most valuable asset. But it's a fact that does bear keeping in mind when attempting to find the right recruiter to work with.

Many recruiters take part in job fairs and recruiting events. These are typically held on college campuses or event centers and can be an excellent way for job seekers to make contact with several recruiting agencies at a time. The internet also contains a goldmine of resources for job seekers interested in contacting recruiters.



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