Client: Where Can I Find a Recruiter?

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How do companies find recruiters to work with?

Client: Where Can I Find a Recruiter?

Job recruiters come in all walks of life and work out of various different outlets. Businesses interested in working with executive recruiters should first determine what they want the recruiter to accomplish on their behalf.

Everyone knows the bottom line—a job recruiter's objective is to match the most qualified and talented individuals with positions of equal esteem. But if a company's intent is to find an employee with a long list of required skills and experiences for employment in an exclusive industry, going with a niche recruiting firm is best.

Likewise, smaller companies whose requirements are more generalized and whose need to recruit new talent is open-ended and unfettered by time constraints may do better by working with smaller recruiting firms or independent recruiters.

Vast resources for recruiters and recruitment firms can be found online or in trade publications, but frequently the best method of connecting with an efficient recruiter is word of mouth.



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