What to Look for in a Recruiter

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What’s the most important thing to look for in a recruiter?

What to Look for in a Recruiter

A good recruiter keeps the best interests of the company and of the job candidate in mind. Although a professional recruiter is paid by the company that's looking to hire, an enthusiastic interest in both parties is the sign of a truly dedicated recruiter.

Recruiters provide a valuable service—and, as in all other areas of life where you must determine whether or not to do business with someone offering a valuable service, the key to making that decision is frequently made by following your gut. Instinct speaks volumes, and is often extremely accurate. Working with a recruiter that you feel comfortable with is of ultimate importance, not only because you need to be assured they have your best interests at heart, but because you'll need to work closely and frequently with them. If you aren't comfortable with your choice of recruiter, and if you don't feel that you can completely trust them, move on.



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