The Job Offer Letter

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What is a job offer letter?

The Job Offer Letter

The days of deals made on a handshake have long since come and gone, and in their place have arrived much more legally binding methods of agreement. One such agreement is the job offer letter.

Once salary negotiations have come to an end and a verbal agreement has been made, an employer will draw up a job offer letter and deliver it to the candidate for final review. The letter contains all of the conditions of employment that were previously discussed, which the candidate reviews and signs, or responds to with a job offer counter proposal that contains any final alterations they wish to be made. All prior agreements made should be viewed as tentative until this document is signed.

Many example templates of job offer counter proposals are available online. One of the additional benefits of negotiating employment through a professional recruiter is the availability of their resources to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial agreement between parties.



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