Considering Alternative Solutions to Pay

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What alternatives should be considered during salary negotiation?

Considering Alternative Solutions to Pay

Money is not the only thing to consider when negotiating a salary, and keeping that in mind could be the difference between a successful negotiation and a broken deal.

A job opportunity that offers $75,000 with no benefits and no severance package can be far less appealing than one offering substantially less, but with great benefits, a company car and a severance package that would make a Fortune 500 CEO drool.

Candidates should consider this during job salary negotiation. The candidate who's been offered less than his or her worth might accept, but only on the condition of stock options, paid time off and reimbursement of relocation expenses. Likewise, an employer should always be prepared to emphasize such alternatives, especially if the salary being offered is non-negotiable.

Professional recruiting firms act on behalf of the hiring company to negotiate pay and frequently make the entire process simpler—from both the company and the candidate's perspective.



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