Don't Discuss Salary

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What’s the etiquette for discussing salary?

Don't Discuss Salary

Effective salary negotiations require little discussion. This may sound like a joke, but the truth is that the less actual figures are discussed, the easier it is to come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

This tactic is beneficial to both employer and employee. The further the two parties get into the job offer, the deeper the commitment becomes. The bond between potential employee and employer begins to build in the first few moments of the initial interview, and with the further investment of time it becomes less likely to break over numbers.

Any interview that begins with discussions of pay is undesirable for both parties. The issue of compensation should never be the only motivating factor for employment. Any average individual that comes to the table wanting to talk dollars first is just that—an average individual, from whom you're likely to yield average results. This goes for both employee and employer.



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