Don't Rush Negotiations

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When should a job candidate attempt to negotiate salary?

Don't Rush Negotiations

Patience is a virtue, but when it comes to salary negotiation it can also be lucrative. One of the keys to successfully negotiating a salary lies is the ability to divorce yourself from what, in reality, is one of the most crucial factors in taking a job in the first place: compensation. Pay is a hot-button issue that itchy trigger fingers should steer clear of.

In all cases, conversation about pay should never be instigated by the job candidate. They should begin only after an employer has placed an official job offer on the table, and only after they have stated a specific dollar amount. Most employers will anticipate some amount of salary negotiation to take place, and allow anywhere from ten to twenty percent flexibility.

This is no different when working through a professional staffing agency, except that a job candidate may have greater leverage, especially if their qualifications are high.



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