Chronological vs. Functional Resume

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What are the different types of resume styles?

Chronological vs. Functional Resume

There are two styles of resumes: chronological and functional.

The chronological format is the most commonly used. A chronological resume lists your work experiences in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent work experience and moving backwards. This is the preferred resume format of many employers, due to the fact that it gives them a clear picture of your career path and allows them to view, at a glance, the length of time you've spent at a given job.

Functional resumes list career skills in clusters. They're ideal for individuals with minimal work history, or people with long gaps between occupations that want to emphasize skill over actual work experience.

One of the drawbacks of utilizing the functional resume is that many online job boards don't support the format, which can severely limit your exposure. Professional staffing agencies also prefer the chronological format, and offer resources to assist you in effective resume writing.



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