What to Leave Out

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What information should I leave off my resume?

What to Leave Out

Bob Seger once sang about the dilemma of “what to leave in, what to leave out," but even those who prefer disco to that old time rock ‘n' roll can see the wisdom in his words.

When it comes to writing the perfect resume, simplicity is the key. Knowing what not to include in your resume is just as important as knowing what to put into it. When it comes to this, it's always smart to abide by the age-old idiom: when in doubt, leave it out.

Omit irrelevant information. If you're applying for the job of an accountant, it's not necessary to list a job you held in your teens at a ski resort (unless you were providing bookkeeping services for the business office).

If you think your resume is too busy, it probably is. In addition to countless websites offering resume templates, professional staffing agencies also offer services to help you fine tune your resume.



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