Accomplishments vs. Responsibilities

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Should I list all of my job duties and responsibilities on my resume?

Accomplishments vs. Responsibilities

When setting about the task of completing the job history section of your resume, keep in mind that the average employer will spend only 15-20 seconds reading it. It's up to you to make the best possible impression in that short amount of time.

Effective resumes do the work for their intended audience. Stuffing every inch of the page with details about your prior job duties asks an employer to read between the lines. Instead of rattling off a list of responsibilities, give them your accomplishments. If you helped prevent one million dollars in theft as a loss prevention officer, state that—but avoid providing a blow-by-blow list of your daily activities. Employers want the bottom line: what can you offer them?

If you're stuck for help, many professional recruiters offer resume writing advice to their clients. Visiting a recruiter could put you on the fast track to creating an effective resume, and finding work.



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