Using Keywords

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How important are keywords in a resume?

Using Keywords

When looking for employees, companies frequently search online resume posting databases. But rather than spend thousands of hours scouring the multitude of resumes on hand, they utilize automated search queries based on specific keywords. These keywords are driven by a number of criteria, not the least of which are certain words and phrases that indicate your suitability for employment. If your resume doesn't contain any of these keywords, it won't be seen.

One good method of assuring success in being picked up by these online keyword searches is to review the job posting, and incorporate the language used into your own resume. This is particularly useful when applying for a specific job. When creating a general resume, use more general keywords.

Many professional staffing agencies house their candidates' resumes in internal databases for the same purposes and can offer additional resume writing tips, including help in determining what keywords are best suited for your chosen line of work.



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