Start Networking

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Is networking important when re entering the workforce?

Start Networking

With so many things to consider as you take the first steps in your return back to work, it's absolutely crucial that you enlist the help of those around you by networking. Networking is the development and the maintenance of relationships with others in your field, in the hope that casting a wide net will yield more plentiful job tips.

Networking is not as intimidating as it sounds. It's a gradual process that starts with your immediate circle of friends and family, and eventually becomes second nature. Start by reaching out to those in your immediate circle. Odds are if they don't have any job leads, they'll know someone else who might.

If you have no family and you don't know a lot of people, that's no obstacle to successful networking. Start attending industry functions, such as seminars and trade shows, and talk to people. You may be surprised at the results, and at how far networking can take you.



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