The Functional Resume

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How can a functional resume help me if I have long periods of unemployment on my resume?

The Functional Resume

Individuals returning back to work should consider a functional resume in place of the traditional chronological resume. Presenting a functional resume could be the tool that serves to emphasize your qualifications over any long periods of employment inactivity.

A functional resume groups your work experiences and skills by areas of specific focus. Instead of providing a timeline of where you worked and when you worked there, the functional resume accentuates your areas of expertise by grouping together examples of your experiences that may have taken place a decade or two apart, in different jobs.

This approach is also frequently used by individuals with little to no experience in the field in which they're pursuing work. Knowing when to use a functional resume can make all the difference. If you're seeking work through a staffing agency, this may not even be necessary as the recruiter does all of the work in matching you up with potential employers.



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