Of Epic Proportion: The Senior Level Interview

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What is the senior level interview process?

Of Epic Proportion: The Senior Level Interview

Not every interview was created equal. Those who would view conducting an interview with mid-level professionals a tricky proposition might consider the senior level interview to be one of such epic proportion that only the thought of bringing in professional help would quell their concerns. Top-level executives making the hiring decision for their direct support or, in some cases, their successors, benefit from the presence of professional recruiting agents during these interviews.

In most cases, by the time a senior level interview is ready to take place, the candidates in question have gone through a stringent elimination process carried out by recruiting agency professionals working on behalf of their client, including prior interviews to determine their suitability.

A hybrid of traditional and behavioral based interviewing is typically the interview of choice when formulating a decision on who is best to place into a position of senior authority, as it combines the most effective methods of both techniques.



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