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How important is it to rehearse for an interview?


Some people find it silly to stand in front of a mirror and rehearse for an event they'd just as soon improvise, but those who know how to maximize the potential of preparation bask in its rewards. Rehearsal is one of the most useful methods of preparing for an interview. All of the psychological preparation in the world is no match for an actual dry run.

Conduct a mock interview with a friend, colleague or mentor. Encourage them to ask difficult, probing questions and answer them as if you were speaking to a potential employer. Practice every possible aspect, from discussing past accomplishments to the nitty-gritty of salary negotiation, and have them take notes that you can later review to hone your performance.

Set up a camcorder and videotape the mock interview. This allows you to see yourself from an entirely different perspective and gives you the opportunity to focus on areas of improvement.



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