Know Your Weaknesses

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How should I answer interview questions about my weaknesses?

Know Your Weaknesses

Everyone, even the most capable and talented individual, has weaknesses. No person is perfect, and it's with this knowledge that interviewers frequently broach the subject. Few employers expect perfection of their employees, but all appreciate the honestly and candor it takes to admit past failings.

At some point during the interview, you'll be asked to name your weaknesses. In this situation you'll do well to be forthright and candid, but also to remember that a delicate balance exists between being frank and being down on yourself.

Give consideration ahead of time to certain occasions in your professional career when you felt dissatisfied with your performance. Think of the lessons you learned, and come up with examples of the subsequent actions you've taken to ensure those lessons weren't in vain. Communicate this sincerely. Success in an interview hinges on your ability to come across thoughtful about the past and optimistic about the future.



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