Acing the Behavioral Interview

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What are some tips to acing a behavioral interview?

Acing the Behavioral Interview

Behavioral interviews are the most common form of interview used to determine an applicant's suitability for a specific job. Though to the uninformed it may sound like a potentially embarrassing ordeal consisting of psychologically loaded questions and Rorschach tests, the reality isn't that frightening.

The basic premise behind the behavioral interview is the belief that a person's past performance gives insight into how they'll perform in the future. An employer will most likely ask you to provide examples of times in the past when you've been faced with difficult situations, how you handled them and their eventual outcome.

Consider the nature of the job you're interviewing for and the qualities the employer is most likely looking for. Develop three to four scenarios that demonstrate your past performance and paint you in a positive light. Although the range of questions is difficult to predict, this bit of preparation could be the trick to acing your interview.



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