Assess Yourself

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How do I sell myself convincingly in an interview?

Assess Yourself

An interview is all about selling yourself. And before you can convincingly do this, it's important to take stock of the unique talents and abilities that set you apart from the rest. Simply being confident isn't enough. If all you have to offer is a cocky demeanor, without the ability to adequately verbalize why you're the best person for the job, you're lost.

One of the best tips for interview success is to make a list of your career accomplishments, and the challenges you've overcome. Use this information to write a brief statement about yourself that you can use in conversation. Avoid getting into lengthy descriptions, and above all write it in a manner that you can deliver without it sounding dry or rehearsed. To some, this may come naturally—but to others, it can take great effort. But the effort you extend now will pay off tenfold if you're rewarded with a job offer.



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