The Best Entry Level Healthcare Jobs

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What are the best entry level healthcare jobs?

The Best Entry Level Healthcare Jobs

When performing a healthcare job search, it's important to determine what area you want to find yourself working in. Career opportunities in the healthcare industry are booming, and continued job growth is assured. Many healthcare jobs require experience, but there are also many entry level jobs that only require state certification.

Home health aides are one area of healthcare for which most states don't require certification. The employment possibilities in this area are phenomenal, with over half a million new jobs expected to be created over the next eight years. Flexible hours, job availability and work experience that can be parlayed into potential careers in nursing are one of the main attractions of this job.

Medical assistants, secretaries, transcriptionists and coders are other popular entry level positions that require certification, but that are easily attainable through local colleges and trade schools. A large majority of entry level healthcare jobs are filled by professional staffing agencies.



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