Choosing the Right Path: Entry Level Finance Jobs

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What are the different career paths for entry level finance jobs?

Choosing the Right Path: Entry Level Finance Jobs

Determining exactly what kind of entry level financial jobs to search for is accomplished by making one simple decision: do you want to make good money, or do you want to build experience?

If making a lot of money fast is your cup of tea, a job with a large bank or an international corporation is your best bet. For particularly talented and driven individuals, employment in large corporations can eventually lead to positions of prominence, but competition is fierce.

If pay is not your biggest motivating factor, and if you're someone who values hands-on experience and the opportunity to become well rounded, employment with a smaller company, such as a local bank, will give you the opportunity to rub shoulders with upper management and executives.

In either case, you can dramatically limit the amount of time it takes to launch your career by working with a professional recruiter to find the avenue that's right for you.



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