The Educational Requirements of Entry Level Accounting Jobs

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Is a college degree required for entry level accounting work?

The Educational Requirements of Entry Level Accounting Jobs

Most entry level jobs in accounting require an associate's or bachelor's degree, and those that don't list equivalent experience as an alternative condition of consideration for employment. There are opportunities, albeit more limited, for job seekers to gain entry level positions as bookkeepers, accounting clerks, and auditing clerks with only a high school education if they're able to demonstrate certain proficiencies and some level of accounting coursework.

Accounting entry level jobs can be found through a variety of means not limited to newspaper classified ads. In today's day and age there are numerous avenues for finding work that don't necessitate the historically tried-and-true method of pavement pounding. Working with a professional staffing agency is the most effective method of finding work quickly. These agencies are staffed with professional recruiters that work closely with companies to meet their staffing needs, and have the capacity to place job seekers into temporary or permanent assignments.



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